mercredi 20 avril 2011

"If there is a person in your life who is a negative influence and who is dragging you down in some way, don't be afraid to remove them from YOUR life."

I delete, you, you, you. Beep.

lundi 17 janvier 2011

I'm not running away this time. Nope.
If you don't want me anymore you will have to push me out the front door.
I'm done running away when things get hard. DONE.

lundi 25 octobre 2010

The way you make me feel when we kiss...
Je t'aime Bastien Leduc...

jeudi 7 octobre 2010

J'ai ou je suis en train de perdre une partie de moi-même...

When is the last time I painted, drew, took an artistic photograph? I can't remember...

Looking at my pictures made me realize I haven't created something since I moved out of my mother's house, and it scares the hell out of me... What I created was ME, it was who I AM or who I was...

I miss those nights, alone in my room, listening to my music, painting, taking pictures of what I created, trying to ignore my brother&sisters&mother yelling, running around, playing, going nuts in the living room, right outside of my bedroom door. The dog barking, my bedroom floor... so cold it made my ankles hurt, the walls covered in paintings, posters and notes. The black paint on my floor . Being so concentrated on the creation I was trying to start or finish that I would forget to do my humanities homework that was do the next day.

It was easy, simple.

I thought my life was OH SO COMPLICATED and OH SO BORING back then... I had nooooo idea what was waiting for me in a few years...

I want to go back to my paintings, to being so mad at my siblings because they wouldn't shut up and let me work that I couldn't wait to leave, and (almost) never see them again...

I would give anything to go back... In my room, with my paintings, pictures, notes, posters, my music (not as loud, so I would get to hear they're laughter, the fighting, the yelling...). I miss them, so much. Once a week is not enough...


mardi 21 septembre 2010

BOF Bof boF bOf BoF bof
UGH Ugh ugH uGh UgH ugh
BLA Bla blA bLA BlA bla
Je fais quoi moi là??

mercredi 15 septembre 2010

Mes deux frères maliens
I think so much about you guys these days, it's insane, I miss you so much, will I ever see you again? Ugh.Yaya
Mon rayon de soleil le matin, every morning après la mi-séjour, you were there to say hi to me, and to wish me a good day, I miss your smile, je m'ennuis de soirée que nous avons passé ensemble à jouer aux cartes avec Isa et Shaka.


Dri, tu étais le premier à qui j'ai vraiment parler, mon coup de coeur. Le premier soir que je me suis installée dans la maison, tu es venu me rejoindre avec ton petit frère, tes deux soeurs et Isou. Le thé, les tiga et le lido!
C'est aussi avec toi et ton copain que j'ai passer ma dernière soirée à la maison à Koni. Jeu de carte, tour de magie! Merci, énormément, sans toi, mon expérience wouldn't of been the same.